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    New Illustrated United States Map Poster (with Physical Features)

    Illustrated United States Map Poster with Physical Features | Pretty Nerdy Press

    We have a beautiful new illustrated map design in the shop today!

    I love maps! Who doesn’t? I think maps feed the imagination, giving us ideas & dreams about places we might want to visit someday.

    Illustrated United States Map with Physical Features | Homeschool Wall Art | Pretty Nerdy Press

    I designed this United States of America poster with elementary school children in mind. It includes the major physical features of our country, like mountain ranges, large rivers, deserts and plains, plus several well-known tourist destinations and national parks. I’m so excited about how it turned out…beautiful and practical, which is our intention for every new design!

    My kids have enjoyed looking at the map and keep coming back to see if they can spot new details, find places they want to visit, and reminisce about the states they’ve lived in. I think your kids will love it too!

    Maybe your summer plans include a road trip. This would be a fun way to learn about geography together before you pack up and head out to see the country. Or maybe you’re redecorating and organizing a school space or kid’s room and need some art that inspires your kids.

    The ocean blue and muted neutral tones will look beautiful hanging in a kid’s room, in your living room, or in a classroom. It’s a fun design that both kids and adults can enjoy together.

    Our art prints come to you carefully packed rolled in a shipping tube and wrapped in tissue paper. We print on high-quality matte paper that so that you can enjoy your art for years to come. This print is available in the 18″ x 24″ size so that you can see all of the fun details and clearly read the words.

    Illustrated United States Map with Physical Features | Pretty Nerdy Press

    This week we are offering a special launch discount (offer ends Monday, May 21st, 2018). Just use the code “maplaunch” to get 15% off your poster! Click here to shop the illustrated United States map poster.

    Printable Reading Log & Goal-setting Worksheets

    Printable Reading Log & Goal-setting Worksheets | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Do you make a plan for your reading each year? I always read more books when I make a plan and track my reading goals.

    I’ve been using Evernote to keep my reading lists organized, but I wanted the kids to get in the habit of tracking their books as well. I always love looking back to see what I’ve read throughout the year and I think they will be encouraged when they look back at their lists next year.

    I designed a printable reading log and some planning worksheets that you can use for yourself or for your students! The reading log is for recording books as you finish reading them. There’s also a page to list books you are interested in reading next and a page to plan your monthly reading goals. Finally, there’s a page to write a more detailed overview of your book, including space for favorite quotes and other notes.

    Reading Log & Goal-Setting Printable Worksheets | For Homeschool or Classrooms | Pretty Nerdy Press

    This is a 4-page PDF download with printable reading logs & other goal-setting worksheets.


    I encourage you to write down books you read about or hear about from friends and make a plan to read a couple each month! You can also add ideas to your kids’ lists and let them set their own reading goals (aside from assigned school reading). Use the book overview page to have your students record more details about the books they finished so they can remember their favorite quotes and other takeaways. You can even use the reading log for reading challenges that track the number of pages read.

    Reading Log & Goal-Setting Printable Worksheets | Homeschool or Classroom | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Print as many as you like for personal or classroom use. But please direct your friends back to our shop if they would like to download their own!

    Which Should I Choose?: Printed Paper Poster vs. Digital Files

    Printed Paper Poster vs. Digital Files | Pretty Nerdy Press

    In our shop, we offer both printed paper posters and digital files that you can send to the print shop yourself.

    Digital files are less expensive up front, so you may find that option more appealing. But don’t let the initial price be your deciding factor! In many cases, getting the digital files printed costs you more time and money than buying the ready-made prints. So before you settle for the cheapest option, let me share some of the pros & cons of digital vs. printed art.

    Spoiler alert: We highly recommend the printed paper posters. You get better quality art for your time and money!

    Skip Counting Poster Art Print with Math U See | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Factors to consider when choosing digital files vs. printed art:



    The initial cost of the digital print is less, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of getting it printed. You might be surprised to know that the average price for large format printing for 18″ x 24″ posters is nearly $20! Office store chains have the highest prices, while local print shops may be able to do it for a little bit less. I checked with about a dozen printers in my local area and received similar quotes from each of them.

    There are also discount online printers that charge less, but my experience has been that their quality standard is just not that high. I’ve ordered from a couple of the discount online printer shops with disappointing results— grainy resolution, incorrect color matching, and poor paper quality. You might even find yourself spending more money ordering samples to get a good print.



    Your digital print will be ready for download immediately, so you could theoretically get it printed the same day. Our paper posters are custom printed when you order. They are generally printed within 2-3 days and shipped then, so you should receive your order within 7-10 business days.

    Same day printing is great…if you do it! I know some of you will have deadlines and motivation to get your posters printed right away, but most of you (myself included!) will end up too busy to figure out how to get the file to the print shop. I spoke with a couple of my first customers and they didn’t end up printing their posters for weeks because it was inconvenient!

    Remember that your time is valuable. We spent many hours researching the best printer with the highest quality for the best price. Let us print it and ship it to your door so you don’t have to add extra errands to your already busy schedule!



    When you order paper prints from us, you can expect high-quality art prints. Our posters are printed on a sturdy paper with a matte finish, crisp lines, and legible details. Though colors can vary slightly depending on which machine is used, our test prints have all come back with colors that match what we see on our screen. If color and design are important to you (which I expect they do if you found our shop!), then you’ll be very pleased with our paper prints.

    Our prints are carefully packaged in tubes with layers of tissue paper. The posters are rolled loosely, printed side out, so that the corners lie flat on the wall when you unroll them.

    Though you can find this level of quality elsewhere, you should not expect to get this type of printing at large office stores or popular discount online printers.

    Pretty Periodic Table Poster Art Print | Pretty Nerdy Press

    4 reasons you might prefer a digital file:

    You need a different size than what we offer – The print file is 18″ x 24″ and can be sized down to 15” x 20”, 12” x 16”, and 9” x 12”. (We do not recommend smaller sizes for detailed designs, such as the periodic table. Scaling down works well for inspirational quotes and similar types of designs.) We offer both 18″x 24″ and 12″ x 16″ for most printed posters. If you need one of the other sizes, digital might be better for you. You are also welcome to contact us for special size requests. Many times we can accommodate special orders!

    You need to print more than one copy – You are welcome to print as many copies of the posters as needed for personal use. If you have several children in your family and want a copy for each child’s room or if you are a teacher and want to print new copies for your individual classroom when the original print becomes worn, the digital file might be a better option for you. (You may not make additional copies to sell or share with friends though. If you need to print copies in bulk, let us know and we can work out bulk pricing terms.)

    You have access to a large format color printer – Many schools and home-businesses may have access to a large format printer. If you are able to print your own posters at a lower cost, then the digital file is a good option for you.

    You need it today – As I mentioned above, digital files are available immediately and can be printed the same day if you have an urgent need.

    As you can tell, we highly recommend the printed paper posters in our shop! We’ve spent a lot of time ordering samples and searching for a quality print partner to make sure that you are delighted with your purchase. 

    (Update: we have discontinued most digital prints in favor of the paper prints, however, if you have urgent need or prefer the digital file for some other reason, please contact us!)

    Free Printable: Inspire Creative Learning

    Free Printable Inspire Creative Learning | Pretty Nerdy Press

    I have a free printable art print for you, homeschool moms! Sometimes we just need some inspirational words to keep us motivated. This is a gift to help inspire creative learning in your homes!

    Printable art print for Homeschool Moms | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Not only will it remind you of the reasons why you educate your kids at home when you are feeling burned-out, maybe it will give your children some ideas of positive ways to spend their time this summer.

    This mini-poster is a downloadable PDF file. It is sized to 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 14". You can print it on regular printer paper and trim it to fit into an 8" x 10" frame. Or just stick it to your refrigerator as a lovely reminder for your kids to spend their time wisely this year. You can also send the larger size to the print shop!

    Make sure you confirm your email to receive the file!



    Printable art print for homeschool moms | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Here are a few ways these words might inspire you this year!

    Read: Share a favorite book from your childhood with your children. Listen to some audiobooks on hot summer days.

    Think: Make plans for new things to learn next year. Take some time alone to write in a journal.

    Give: Clean your room and donate some of those unused toys. Earn some money and donate it to a good cause.

    Create: Learn a new craft together. Write a story and act it out with some friends.

    Serve: Volunteer with a local ministry or non-profit. Take a meal to a new mom or sick friend.

    Go: Act like a tourist in your own town and go see the sights. Look for short-term missions trips to do as a family.

    Love: Learn to love someone that seems unlovable by inviting them to spend time with your family. Practice loving each other with kind words every day.

    Celebrate: Plan a celebration for someone that has accomplished something important. Or celebrate for no reason.

    Discover: Go for a hike and look for wildlife you’ve never seen. Search the library for some new books.

    Work: Think of a house project for the whole family do together. Even better, think of something you can do for someone else!

    Laugh: Play some silly games together. Watch a funny movie.

    Study: Choose a special topic to study in-depth. Study your family members and learn something new about them.

    Build: Build a fort with scrap wood and extra nails. Build a collection of interesting things.

    Explore: Spend some time exploring your state parks as a family. Explore local restaurants and try some new food.

    School Room art print | Blue or Orange & Peach | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Printed Paper Posters are Now in Stock!

    Printed Paper Posters | Periodic Table | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Good news! We’ve been researching and ordering samples and we finally have printed paper posters available for purchase!

    Almost every design is available in both 18″ x 24″ or 12″ x 16″ options. If the poster is not available in the smaller size, it’s because the print becomes too small at that size (the numbers on the periodic table, for example).

    Paper Posters are nNow in Stock! | Periodic Table Art Print | Pretty Nerdy Press

    All posters are printed on sturdy, archival quality paper with a matte finish. We think you’ll be really happy with the quality of these prints!

    The posters are packaged carefully, rolled in tissue paper, with the printed side facing out. They are shipped in a wide cardboard tube so they don’t get rolled too tightly. If you order more than one poster, they will come packaged together, so you save on shipping!

    Paper Posters Now in Stock | Alphabet Posters | Pretty Nerdy Press

    The shop is now organized into 2 categories; prints and digital. (Update: we have discontinued most digital prints, because everyone loves the printed paper posters so much! Please contact us if you are interested.) You can find both links on the homepage menu to help you search quickly. Let us know if we can help you find anything!