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    Printed Paper Posters are Now in Stock!

    Printed Paper Posters | Periodic Table | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Good news! We’ve been researching and ordering samples and we finally have printed paper posters available for purchase!

    Almost every design is available in both 18″ x 24″ or 12″ x 16″ options. If the poster is not available in the smaller size, it’s because the print becomes too small at that size (the numbers on the periodic table, for example).

    Paper Posters are nNow in Stock! | Periodic Table Art Print | Pretty Nerdy Press

    All posters are printed on sturdy, archival quality paper with a matte finish. We think you’ll be really happy with the quality of these prints!

    The posters are packaged carefully, rolled in tissue paper, with the printed side facing out. They are shipped in a wide cardboard tube so they don’t get rolled too tightly. If you order more than one poster, they will come packaged together, so you save on shipping!

    Paper Posters Now in Stock | Alphabet Posters | Pretty Nerdy Press

    The shop is now organized into 2 categories; prints and digital. (Update: we have discontinued most digital prints, because everyone loves the printed paper posters so much! Please contact us if you are interested.) You can find both links on the homepage menu to help you search quickly. Let us know if we can help you find anything!

    3 Homeschool Goals for the New Year with a New Baby

    3 Homeschool Goals for the New Year with a New Baby | Pretty Nerdy Press

    2017 felt like a year off from life for me, and not in a good way. My seventh pregnancy took a toll on my body with all-day sickness until 22 weeks and hip ligament weakness that kept me from almost all physical activity during the second half.

    Creating the Pretty Nerdy posters, along with a couple of other design projects that I was able to complete while sitting at the computer, were the highlights of my productivity last year. I struggled with feeling useless for most of the year as my husband and children picked up the slack around the house to keep life going. Other activities and many of my goals were completely dropped because I didn’t have the physical strength to do them. I just kept telling myself that I’d feel “normal” again by the new year and prayed for perseverance and contentment.

    Baby girl is three months old now and, for the most part, that’s true. I’ve lost a good chunk of the baby weight and my body is functioning again. I can concentrate on books and I’m getting enough sleep to wake up earlier than the kids most days.

    Homeschooling was in “maintenance mode” for much of the year, but we’re ready to jump back into a regular routine again. Many of the helpful habits I had created in recent years were lost during my pregnancy. It’s important to give yourself grace during seasons of difficulty, so I’m not looking back with regret. But with some renewed energy and focus, I’m ready to restart those helpful habits and set some new homeschooling goals with a new baby, a new “normal”, and a new year!

    (Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you!)


    Here are my 3 homeschool goals for the Spring semester with a new baby:


    1. Write daily to-do lists for the children


    3 Homeschool Goals for the New Year with a New Baby | Pretty Nerdy Press

    I began this practice over a year ago after reading this helpful post from Sarah Mackenzie. Each child has a cheap spiral notebook, and each morning I write them a quick list of schoolwork and chores that need to be done. I can’t tell you how much more work we get done when they know what to do.

    Six children constantly asking what they need to do next wears me down. The decision fatigue causes me to say, “I don’t know. Just go play!” Fifteen minutes in the morning makes such a difference. Everyone knows what to do with no excuses. They know what’s expected of them at the beginning of the day and they work more efficiently to get it done. I, in turn, have less stress because there are fewer questions and fewer complaints.

    Writing to-do lists on weekday mornings is a discipline I’m ready to get back to this year!


    2. Read-aloud a little bit every day


    3 Homeschool Goals for the New Year with a New Baby | Pretty Nerdy Press

    I did some reading aloud last year, but mostly I read the essential school books that HAD to get done. This week we started reading a new series for fun, (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place) and the kids have been begging for more! I realized how much I have missed bonding over funny stories and characters. Just like with movies, shared stories provide quotes and metaphors for life together. We love the Ramona books by Beverly Clearly and it’s not uncommon for someone to yell out “Guts!” when something goes wrong, making the rest of us giggle as we remember Ramona’s antics.

    In the absence of my reading last year, my husband began a new habit of reading to the children as they finish dinner. We managed to get through 7-8 books, most about missions, plus our special Sunday books (the Ralph Moody series) and A Christmas Carol. We all enjoy this time and hope to continue reading together each evening too!


    3. Finish two quarters of Tapestry of Grace Year 3


    3 Homeschool Goals for the New Year with a New Baby | Pretty Nerdy Press

    We use Tapestry of Grace as our core curriculum for history, worldview, and social studies. At some point, we got off schedule, so we don’t complete the year between September and May. It doesn’t really matter, but my plan is to move through the curriculum at it’s intended pace instead of the slow pace we managed last year.

    If I keep up with writing daily to-do lists for the children and continue reading to them more, we should have no problem meeting this goal!

    Getting back on track after adding a new baby to the homeschooling mix can be a challenge, but setting achievable goals is the best way to get moving in the right direction again.

    I’d love to hear about your homeschooling goals for the Spring! What do you hope to accomplish in 2018?


    15 Gift Ideas for Kids that Love Science

    15 Gift Ideas for Kids that Love Science | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Do you have a budding young scientist in your home? I have a couple of curious kiddos with endlessly inquisitive minds.

    Maybe it’s the homeschool mom in me, but I prefer to give our children gifts that encourage them to develop their skills and interests. Not every great gift for children has to be a toy either. I’ve gathered a short list of my favorite science-related toys, games, books, art, and school supplies to share with you!

    If you’re looking for gift ideas for your science-minded kids, I know you’ll love these!

    Science & Nature Gifts Ideas for Kids | Non-toy gift guide | Pretty Nerdy Press


    (This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you! Thanks!)

    15 Gifts for Kids that Love Science:


    Astronaut Notebooks

    A customizable gift from Minted for your aspiring astronaut! You can also choose from 3 color options on the cover design, plus you decide if you want notebook pages, planner pages, an address book, and more. You have to check out all cool ways you can personalize this for your child!

    Handcrafted HoneyBee Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss

    Science and lip gloss! I love this cute cosmetic chemistry set for upper elementary and middle school girls. They get to make lip gloss that looks like miniature lava lamps…what a fun idea!

    It’s also a handmade product with all natural ingredients from a small family-owned shop. Check out their other kits and natural skin care products too!

    Chemistry Pillow

    How about a fun chemistry-themed pillow for your child’s bedroom? Like Minted, Roostery sources designs from independent designers that receive a commission on their designs so you’ll be helping an individual person when you purchase from this shop.

    Periodic Table Poster

    I can’t talk about science without mentioning our Periodic Table poster. This is my personal favorite! Get it printed and framed for a fun piece of wall art that not only looks great but also inspires learning every day.

    Wild Explorers Club

    Looking for a gift that doesn’t add to the clutter? Wild Explorers Club is a fun subscription based program where the kids can earn badges for learning about nature, trying new things, and completing other educational assignments. We joined last year and the kids have enjoyed it. I catch them looking through the beautiful monthly magazines almost daily!

    Electronic Snap Circuits

    We bought this set of Snap Circuits a few years ago. Several of the children have enjoyed playing with the kit and learning about electric circuits. The fact that it is still intact and still being used 4-5 years later is a sign that it was a good buy!

    Little Scientist Children’s Stationery

    This cute stationery is customizable! You can choose from 3 color palettes and add your child’s name. I think it’s a fun small gift for a wide age range!

    If you aren’t familiar with Minted, all of their art is sourced from independent designers. When you buy a design, they receive a commission. While Minted has grown into a fairly large company, you can still feel good about supporting independent designers…many of whom are moms just like us!


    My kids have been asking to get a microscope for a couple of years. This looks like a good starter set for younger children (though I’d probably recommend a more expensive microscope for high school students) with a carrying case, slides, and everything else you need to explore the tiny organisms in the backyard.

    Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

    My 12-year-old son and I both read and enjoyed this inspiring true story of a boy in Malawi that taught himself how to build a windmill. William’s persistence and curiosity are admirable qualities which eventually changed his life, and the lives of many in his village, for the better. This book is probably best for ages 10-14.


    This is a fun game for the whole family! It’s inexpensive and even the young children are able to participate. I included it with science toys because the kids inadvertently learn some laws of physics related to balance and weight. I love watching them think through each move, working through the consequences of their actions. Plus, each game ends with a uniquely awesome wire sculpture, unless you misplace your metal rod and send the whole thing crashing down (which is, mercifully, not as loud as I expected!).

    Thomas Edison: Young Inventor

    My kids have many of the Childhood of Famous Americans books and read them over and over. Thomas Edison is one of their favorites! This book is great for new readers of “chapter books” but even older elementary students will enjoy it.

    Custom Periodic Table Name Keychains

    This is a fun idea—a handmade wood keychain with a custom name made from the elements. It’s both beautiful and useful. This shop has great reviews and focuses on sustainability in their craft. I love supporting small businesses like this!

    Botanical Plant T-shirt

    This pretty botanical t-shirt comes in youth and adult sizes and in multiple colors. It would be a great gift for anyone that loves life science and biology!

    Double-Sided Anatomy Floor Puzzle

    Melissa & Doug Puzzles are the only ones that last in our house! The floor puzzles have really thick pieces and the kids always enjoying putting them together. This is the first double-sided puzzle I’ve seen. One side has basic bone structure and the other side has the main organs of the human body. It looks like a fun learning tool for biology lovers.

    DNA Double-Helix Pencil Holder

    This a unique idea that you won’t see anywhere else! I’m not sure it’s completely practical as a pencil holder, since kids like to sharpen their pencils down to nothing, but it makes a really interesting decoration for a science loving kid. I’d love to see it with double-sided pencils!

    I hope these give you some great ideas for your science-loving kids!

    8 Ways My Parents Encouraged Me to See Beauty in the Everyday

    8 Ways My Parents Encouraged Me to See Beauty in the Everyday | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Parents have the unique opportunity to shape their children’s view of the world through everyday interactions and conversations. My parents instilled in me the invaluable ability to see beauty in small things. Finding beauty in the everyday and mundane doesn’t come naturally to us. It is a learned behavior. As parents, we can help our children to see the world, looking for beauty in the small things; things that serve to remind us that God cares about the little things and uses beauty to point us back to his Ultimate Beauty.

    When life becomes routine and mundane, when hard circumstances arise, this ability to see God’s beauty in the small things will carry our children through rough seasons of life.

    Here are 8 ways my parents helped me to see beauty in the everyday:

    8 Ways My Parents Encouraged Me to See Beauty in the Everyday | Pretty Nerdy Press

    1. Make it a habit

    Seeing beauty in the everyday is truly a habit. I didn’t learn to view the world in this way by going hiking once a year and visiting a few art museums. My mom and dad both pointed out bits of beauty on a daily basis, shaping me to view the world in the same way. If you don’t already take the time to notice, you will need to develop this habit in yourself. As you learn to take notice of beauty in the small things, you’ll naturally want to draw attention to it for the children.

    2. Travel locally

    You don’t need to be vacationing or planning month-long cross-country trips all the time. My parents often took spontaneous road trips to quaint little villages and some busy big cities in our local area. Our local travels (which I didn’t always appreciate) cultivated a passion for beauty as we studied the scenery, architecture, and art found on those excursions. We tried different types of food and listened to different music. We went to art festivals and learned how artisans made their products. I learned that beauty comes in many forms and from many different cultural backgrounds.

    3. Point out beautiful or amazing architecture

    Growing up on the East coast, there was no shortage of old buildings with artisan details. It would have been easy to walk by those details without a second glance, but my mom always took a few seconds to point out the intricate bits. If you don’t live in a city with older architecture, you can still find beauty in the amazing engineering feats of modern buildings. While these aren’t directly made by God, you can also take the time to point out how amazing the human brain is and how God gave humans creative abilities and intelligence. Which brings me to another point…

    4. Study the human body

    So, maybe you don’t think organs and blood vessels are beautiful. Take the time to study how the body works. The way that God intricately designed each body system to work together is beautiful! Each chemical and biological process point back to a magnificent Creator & Designer. You could spend a lifetime studying these things and never reach the end of the beauty to be found.

    You don’t have to love biology as much as my mom did (regularly pulling out the microscope to look at stuff), but take the time to draw attention to God’s incredible design.

    5. Restore old things

    My parents moved every couple of years, buying homes in need of cosmetic updates and fixing them up to sell. I developed the ability to see past ugly wallpaper and carpet to see the potential of what could be. This is not only a helpful skill for updating old homes but also for dealing with people. Some people look rough on the outside but have an abundance of potential waiting to be uncovered.

    You don’t have to be an expert DIY’er to restore something old. Find a small piece of furniture that needs a little sanding and a coat of spray paint. Fix up some broken electronics. Find a dying plant and nurse it back to health. Polish and restore some old leather shoes or bags. Clean and repurpose something from the thrift store. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make a habit of restoring old things to usefulness and beauty.

    6. Talk to people

    My dad is a talker. He loves people and takes the time to stop and have conversations wherever he may be. This was embarrassing when I was a teenager, but my dad saw beauty in listening to people’s stories and encouraging them in their lives.

    My 80-year-old neighbor is also a great example of seeing beauty through everyday conversations. Each week he recounts a few encounters he had with people in the store or the doctor’s office, in which some part of the conversation reminded him of God’s goodness. Most of us would miss the beauty in these “normal” conversations, but he has trained himself recognize the Lord’s beauty in the hearts of other people.

    Share your encouraging conversations with your children. Point out how you see God working through people to bring beauty into your life.

    7. Spend time in nature

    This is an easy one! Go for a hike. As a kid, I did not really enjoy hiking, but I’m thankful that my parents continued to drag me along regardless of my bad attitude.
    If you have young children, go exploring around the yard for beautiful treasures. Little flower buds, the patterns on pinecones, the watercolor sunset, and the bright colors of bugs and lizards are all little bits of beauty God intends for us to notice and, in turn, praise him. Don’t let your children miss these because you are too busy to stop and notice!

    8. Read good literature

    Great writing and quality illustrations train your children to notice details as well. Most homeschooling moms have no lack of great books available to their children. Take the time to point out interesting illustrations, and read aloud to children of all ages. Read through descriptions of nature or people slowly, and practice copying or writing detailed descriptions that share beauty through words. My mom continued to read aloud to my sister and I, even through high school, stopping to comment on beautiful details and descriptions.

    Welcome to Pretty Nerdy Press!

    Welcome to Pretty Nerdy Press!

    Welcome to Pretty Nerdy Press | Beautiful Educational Posters | Pretty Nerdy Press

    Welcome to Pretty Nerdy Press! I’m grateful that you have stopped by!

    I’m a wife and homeschooling mother of seven children. I love learning new things, reading books, and shopping for school supplies. I also love beautiful things! I’ve been homeschooling my children for nearly 10 years and spent several years as a homeschooled child. I love shopping for school supplies and I’ve shopped in many teacher supply stores hoping to find beautiful teaching aids. I love the idea of educational posters on the walls of my home but always left the stores without finding posters that would look inviting in my living room.

    Visual aids are a powerful learning tool for children. I remember some specific posters from the classroom walls in my early elementary years that still help me today! Despite my years of searching, I have never been able to find beautiful & educational posters that fit with the cozy atmosphere I want for my home.

    I have spent the last few years learning graphic design to sell sewing patterns. (You can find my sewing patterns and lots of free tutorials at Radiant Home Studio!) As I began searching for beautiful posters once again, I realized I have now acquired the skills to design the posters I have always wanted–and Pretty Nerdy Press was born.

    If you have been searching for educational posters that are both practical and beautiful enough to be displayed on the walls of your home, I hope you have finally found what you are looking for here!

    While my original aim was to provide visual aids for the home, I hope classroom teachers and administrators also feel welcome here! As I have shared my designs, I have realized that classroom teachers love beautifully designed visual aids for their walls too.

    We are beginning with some printable posters that you can have printed at your local print shop, but will be adding high-quality paper posters soon! I plan to continue adding new designs to the poster shop. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let me know! I’m open to requests, ideas, and custom orders.

    Thank you again for stopping by to learn more about us!