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Beautifully designed educational resources for your home & classroom

We believe children can appreciate good design. That’s why we design beautiful educational posters for you and your family. We want to nurture your children’s aesthetic sense with pretty colors and tasteful typography while also feeding their growing minds with practical information.

What I create for you

I design high-quality paper posters (and some digital files that you can take to your local print shop). We will be adding more poster designs and other supplemental learning resources soon! As we continue adding new designs to the shop, we’d love to know what you’d like to see there. If you have any requests or ideas, let us know!

Why my approach is different

As a homeschooling and school mom of neurodivergent children, I have spent a lot of time experimenting with creative ways to engage my children in learning.

Visual aids without illustrations and visual clutter are one way I have found to help my children learn and retain information. 

As we continue to grow our socio-emotional learning through therapy, I apply my new knowledge to these designs. 

Whether you are home-educating, supplementing classroom learning, teaching in a classroom, or providing therapy, I hope my designs can provide support and engage kids & families in learning together.